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Fleet Preventive Maintenance

  All fleets need to maintain their vehicles and equipment in order to provide safe, efficient and reliable performance, as well as have their vehicles reach their maximum useful life. We are offering Preventive Maintenance for your Fleet in the Greater Seattle Area in WA. 

Preventive maitenance

   Our Preventive Maintenance Program consist of the following main components:


 - Electrical system components;

 - Tires, wheels and rims;

 - Fluid leaks;

 - Exterior and interior lights;

 - Exhaust system;

 - Auxiliary systems;

 - Driveshafts or CV joints;

 - Engine and transmission mounts;

 - Fuel system;

 - Tune-ups;

 - Engine oil and filter changes;

 - Steering and suspension system;

 - Body, glass and mirrors;

 - Windshield wiper system;

 - Undercarriage and frame;

 - Horn, seatbelts and seat structures;

 - Transmission fluid;

 - Braking system;

 - Cooling system;

 - Belts and hoses.