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Full Service Automotive and Heavy-Duty Diesel Truck and Trailer Repair Facility
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Air Filter Replacement Air Filter Replacement

Only 15.00 $

Regular Price: 30.00 $

Save: 15 $

Expires: 01-01-1970

Brake Shoes Replacement Brake Shoes Replacement

Only 179.00 $

Regular Price: 200.00 $

Save: 21 $

Expires: 01-01-1970

Holiday Oil Change Discount Holiday Oil Change Discount

Only 250.00 $

Regular Price: 340.00 $

Save: 90 $

Expires: 01-10-2018

Free computer scan of your truck! Free computer scan of your truck!

Only 0.00 $

Regular Price: 60.00 $

Save: 60 $

Expires: 15-12-2017

4  VOLVO batteries +  free Installation 4 VOLVO batteries + free Installation

Only 356.00 $

Regular Price: 540.00 $

Save: 184 $

Expires: 30-11-2017

FREE brake adjustment FREE brake adjustment

Only 0.00 $

Regular Price: 30.00 $

Save: 30 $

Expires: 04-01-2017

Antifreeze replacement Antifreeze replacement

Only 159.90 $

Regular Price: 288.00 $

Save: 128.1 $

Expires: 03-01-2017

D.O.T. Inspection D.O.T. Inspection

Only 30.00 $

Regular Price: 50.00 $

Save: 20 $

Expires: 02-01-2017

Oil Change Oil Change

Only 260.00 $

Regular Price: 288.88 $

Save: 28.88 $

Expires: 01-01-2017

Clutch adjusment Clutch adjusment

Only 9.99 $

Regular Price: 39.99 $

Save: 30 $

Expires: 01-01-2017

Save Money With Our Truck Repair Shop

Trucking is an important part of American economy. So, we understand the importance of getting your truck back on the road because your customers rely on the delivery of materials and products in time.

Our trucks repair shop Tacoma performs work on trucks of all kinds, for different types of businesses such as long-haul trucking services, moving companies or heavy industrial companies.

Our highly experienced mechanics can assist you with all of your service needs. We provide a wide range of services, from major repair work to routine maintenance.

Our Diesel Repair Shop in Tacoma Offers The Best Benefits For Your Truck

Our customers can rely on our truck repair shop because it is one of the best diesel mechanic shops in Tacoma and you can receive such benefits:

  • Our repair shop is well equipped with all the necessary on site parts and diagnostic equipment that help get your trucks back on the road as soon as possible.
  • We provide a full range of services, whether you need to rebuild the transmission or a simple clutch adjustment. We can drop in an engine or a complete inframe if your engine has reached the end of its life - you choose the option that is best for you.
  • Our qualified mechanics provide the best service for our customers because they want your truck be safe for you and everyone else on the road.
  • Our trailer repair shop Tacoma strives to get the little jobs finished fast. So you shouldn't wait for weeks just to have an alternator swapped out or a sensor changed.
  • If you need major work then our mechanics will advise you different options to help you make the decision what will work best for your truck.

Interested In Saving Your Money? Our Truck Repair Shop Can Help You!

We strive to help you with the ongoing repair and maintenance of your truck, so here we’re offering special pricing on our services. We care about your pocketbook, so we have many specials and offers for you to choose from.

Every month we think up something new for our customers. That's why save this page in your bookmarks and maybe you'll find some offer interesting and profitable for you.

Our diesel repair shop in Tacoma wants to give you a chance to enjoy these special offers because we are confident that you will be back to see us again after you experience the difference between us and other truck repair shops. We know that we provide only qualify services and our shop is one of the best diesel mechanic shops Tacoma.

Below you can find current specials and offers from our trailer repair shop in Tacoma. Click on each coupon to get the full details and to print the coupon.