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Diesel Particulate Filter Service Tacoma

DPF Service Prices

Diesel Particulate Filter Service, DPF service Tacoma

  «Tacoma Truck Repair Center» is number one in diesel particulate filter service in Tacoma. We are a registered member of the clean diesel experts, with best heavy duty machines and certified experts we guarantee you the best DPF service repair Tacoma with the shortest time possible. As a company we value our customers, so we have invested heavily on the modern equipment ’s which are able to clean filters size, model or make we extend our services to check whether the filter is coolant and oil soaked or high sulphur saturated. Our services range from in-house and pick-up and delivery. Here is how we carry the DPF cleaning.

  The first step our team takes is testing the filter and weighed before a vacuum pressure is used. Then the filter is taken to a process called pneumatic cleaning process in this step there is a combination of vacuum and the air pressure to remove the cuff and dust from the filter. The post-test is done and checked a from the previous test result, and the difference is recorded to confirm that the filter is through cleaned.

  After we have carried the first step of cleaning on stage one known as blasting, then the filter is subjected to four stages eight hours thermal bake using a unique Oven. These four stages are very critical as they are used to make sure that the ceramic filter isn’t destroyed. From the thermal process, It has to be cooled and subjected to the final blasting, and the quality check is done. Then the final step in this process is where the filter is tested and the results checked against the initial recovered results. This bake and blast filter cleaning process carried out by our technicians will restore your filter to a new condition.

  Never worry if you need your DPF cleaning done you are on the right place we offer the best diesel particulate filter service at the lowest prices in Tacoma be sure if you hire Alpha Fleet Service you will always get the value of your money.

Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration

  At «Tacoma Truck Repair Center» we offer the best Diesel Particulate Filter regeneration services. The DPF regeneration system allows removing of sooth and other harmful substances which can pollute the environment from the exhaust fumes of trucks. There are two types of the DPF regeneration systems. You can decide to have a single use system which you need to replace after it has served its lifespan. The second system can be reused but you need to carry out regular maintenance and cleaning.

  You should not worry on where you can find experts to replace the DPF system or clean the reusable one. We are readily available to respond to your call and carry out the replacement of cleaning services in Tacoma. If your system has been damaged, you can rely on us to carry out quality repair services.

  Our technicians are highly experienced and qualified to carry out the cleaning and replacement services. Call us for repair or replacement of the system and we will guarantee you the best services. All our services are charged at fair prices.

Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner

Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner | DPF cleaning near me

  The trucking industry is one of the primary cause of air pollution in the USA as compared to other industries. But in the recent times due to advancement in technology, there is a solution for this challenge. «Tacoma Truck Repair Center», one of the best company we have, has added new service to its operation to take care of the air pollution caused by diesel trucks. Now our customers can have Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) picked up, cleaned by our expert team and taken back to you. As a customer in Tacoma, these services are available 24/7 you need to call, and our representative will help you by sending the team of an expert at the ground.

  According to the resent research conducted on the USA road, it was established that approximately 15.5 million commercial trucks are on the highway every day. With such a number we can have an imagination of the pollution they cause to the environment. To make sure that this issue is addressed and reduce the pollution the DPfs is a necessity to all truck owners.

  DPF is a device installed to the exhaust stream of a diesel engine all manufactured after the year 2007 as per the emission regulations. It is not only essential to get the services of DPF filter cleaning service it is also crucial to make sure that the filters receive regular preventive maintenance. When Filters are neglected there will be mass soot accumulating and this will lower the lifespan of the filter and its efficiency and lead to high cost of cleaning. With DPF cleaning Tacoma you will experience high fuel economy, better truck performance, fewer regenerations, and minimum downtime of your truck.

  As a truck owner your responsibility is to keep your fleet up and running, and for us, at the Alpha DPF Cleaning Service our responsibility is ensuring that we minimize the downtime of your fleet as we offer the following services:

  • Delivery and pickup services.
  • 24/7 customer friendly services.
  • Emergency and mobile onsite DPF filter cleaning service near me.
  • Fair and friendly prices.

DPF Service Prices