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Full Refrigeration Service By Tacoma Truck Repair Center

We understand that “fresh” is not only about how recently products were created. The condition in which they have been transported is also very important for products freshness. Reefers and refrigerated transport systems help keep products cold during transportation. However, we know that like most mechanical equipment, reefer equipment requires repairs and service to maintain its proper use. This is where ««Tacoma Truck Repair Center»» becomes needed.

We provide refrigeration repair Tacoma adapted to the unique needs of each of our customers. Our ASE certified technicians repair and maintain all transport refrigeration equipment.

Our service offers a full range of refrigeration equipment, refrigerated units repair, major overhauls and service for all types of refrigeration equipment for trucks, trailers, containers and just about any type of refrigeration equipment. Our experienced refrigeration technicians make repairs to all types of reefer equipment focusing on quality repairs, getting your equipment back up, and running in a timely manner.

Tacoma Truck Repair Center Provides Quality Refrigerated Trailer Service

If you need a refrigerated trailer repair, ««Tacoma Truck Repair Center»» is at your service. Your needs are our priority, so to get your refrigeration equipment back up and running our specialists will identify the problems quickly.

When your reefer system equipment is down, it influences the quality and safety of the transported goods, as well as your income. Our priority is our dedication to quality refrigerated trailer repair. Our professional repair service takes great pride in troubleshooting and repairing your refrigerated trailer quickly and at an affordable rate.

For regular maintenance and inspection, our experienced technicians pay attention to each part of the job because we want to get you out on the road with confidence and ease. We recommend regular maintenance of refrigerated trailers at 1,500 hours, 3,000 hours and 4,500 hours (annually). Our skilled refrigeration mechanics will check the refrigeration trailer for working belts, proper oil, adequate cooling, and everything that is needed for reliable mobile refrigeration. «Tacoma Truck Repair Center» is responsible for visually inspecting the unit, clearing debris, cleaning oil spills, rotating fan motors and blades, tightening any electrical connections and more. We've got a huge experience in refrigerated trailer repair and we meet the expectations of the most demanding clients.

Our service center performs thorough inspections on refrigerated trailers:

  ➢ We perform a full pre-trip inspection and note all areas of issue

  ➢ Fluid levels:

     🗸 Freon levels

     🗸 Coolant levels

     🗸 Oil levels

  ➢ Belts – our technicians will check and adjust as needed.

  ➢ Codes present (alarm and fault codes) in the reefers computer system.

  ➢ Setting reefer unit and waiting for it to cool down to set temperature, we run reefer unit operation.

Professional carrier trailer refrigeration repair with a guarantee of quality

Our service center has well-trained technicians specializing in Carrier reefer repair in Tacoma.

We offer a full range of refrigeration repair, and supply spare parts. Also, our service center carries out the supply and installation of air conditioners Carrier and refilling by Freon.

Our main goal is to deliver the highest standards of quality carrier reefer service to all of our customers through highly trained and experienced technicians.