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Full Service for DEF&DPF System only for $750*




  «Tacoma Truck Repair Center» – is the only shop in Washington which offers complex maintenance for After Treatment System.


   Our Complete DEF&DPF Program includs the following steps:

1. Computer scan (detailed report for active / inactive codes)

2. Uninstall / Install DPF filter

3. Two stage DPF cleaning (Baking + Air cleaning)

4. Full set of brand new original gaskets and clamps for DPF filter

5. Parts and labor for replacing DEF filter

6. Parts and labor for replacing air dryer / oil separator filter

7. Final computer calibration and sublimation cycle


5 Reasons to Do It Now

1. Clean DPF filter 3.5% increase MPG.   ($169 monthly saving on diesel)
2. Clogged DEF filter destroys DEF pomp unit.   (Replacement up to $2559) 
3. Non operational air dryer filter destroys dosage valves.   (Replacement up to $1895)
4. Regular DPF cleaning prolong filter lifespan.   (New filter cost up $4000) 
5. Manufactures requires to service DPF filter and replace DEF filter every 125K miles.


   You may order our Complete DEF&DPF System Service by booking an appointment or call 253-231-5500. 


Def&dpf Service

* price is valid only for Volvo and Freightliner Trucks. For other manufacturers price may vary