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Road Service | Tow Truck

Tow Truck

At  «Tacoma Truck Repair Center», you not only can visit our shop to fix your truck or trailer, but you also can order Road Service.

Our cost of order  Road Service:


  • 1.5x standard rates 6 PM – 10 PM weekdays;
  • 2x standard rates 10 PM- 8 AM including weekends & national holidays;
  • 2-hr minimum charge;
  • Additional Premium for Hazardous Roadside Service may apply.

Note: All prices and rates effective January 1, 2018 and are subject to change without notice in accordance with current market forces.

*rate is valid from 8AM to 6PM on weekdays

5 Main reasons to order Road Service, instead driving truck to the shop.

Having a truck problem on the road can be quite scaring and stressful. Before you step out of your house, it’s important to ensure that you have contacts of a reliable road service provider who can help you tow your truck when needed. Many problems can happen on the road such as shortage of gas, flat tire, or even light problems. When you find yourself in such situations, Alpha Fleet Services can fix your truck or resolve the issue.

If you are a truck driver, here are 5 situations that might require you to use the services of a tow truck service provider.

  1. A Collision. Despite how a careful driver you are, you may get into a collision while driving due your mistake or other driver's mistake. When you’re involved in such a situation, you need to check the vehicle’s condition and assess if it’s drivable. It’s important to note that even if the truck may seem drivable to you, it might not actually be road-worthy according to your state and federal laws; therefore, it’s important to check with your local authorities to confirm if you might get into trouble for driving the damaged truck. If your state laws don’t allow or feel that you cannot drive the truck in its current condition, this is the time a tow truck service comes in handy. They will help you tow the vehicle to your garage or repair center.
  2. Overheating engine. It is recommended that everyone should check their truck’s water levels every day before driving them. However, due to mechanical mishaps and accidents, the engine might overheat while on the road. If you do not get a mechanic on site, you can call a tow truck company to come on site and tow your vehicle to the nearest garage. If you had rented the truck, a road service company could also help you return the vehicle to the truck rental company.
  3. Out of fuel. Running out of fuel while on the road may seem a stupid mistake, but it can actually happen to anyone however responsible driver they are. If you’re near your home, you may call a family member or friend to bring you the fuel. If you’re not in a position to get help, then calling a reliable road service company may be the only solution you have to help you move your truck to the nearest gas station. The tow truck service can also bring you the gas.
  4. Inflated tire. This might seem absurd, but you should note that not every person can change an inflated tire. If you get an inflated tire and there’s no mechanic or someone to assist you in changing it, then you should call a road service provider to assist you in changing the flat tire on the road.
  5. Any Other General Truck Problem. When your truck has a failure in any of its mechanisms such as a dead battery or when the engine just fails to start, our company can send a certified mechanic to the scene so that they can solve the issue effectively. We have general spare parts for trucks, and once we know what the problem is, we will be able to fix it with the right spare parts.

When you experience any of the above problems on the road, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will rush to help you.