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Full Service Automotive and Heavy-Duty Diesel Truck and Trailer Repair Facility
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24 hour truck service near me

The team of «Tacoma Truck Repair Center» is our pride. We have gathered a team of our company that they are the best professionals in their fields. Our truck service can offer  you such service as «».

We understand that today in a modern world it is difficult to live without a car. To take care that you are always "on horse" is our main goal.Our company offers a full range of services around the clock to repair and maintenance of your truck from the bodywork and painting, to engine overhaul and repair of electronic control systems.

To save time at the service station is supported by our stock of spare parts and consumables. In the absence of the necessary details, a specialist in minutes finds parts on the electronic item at the lowest price in town, and the courier will deliver it at once. That you as quickly as possible get your car, we have invested in the construction of logistics and training of coordinated team . If you want a long repair, you can leave your car at night. For your convenience, we are working around the clock.

The accuracy of diagnostic machines depends on what equipment it was examined. Turning to our truck service, you can be sure that it will be examined with the help of modern equipment. It will accurately determine the status of the various systems of your vehicle. Call us, and soon you will know almost everything about the effectiveness of your truck. We not only find failure, but will also be able to tell you how soon you might need to replace those or other details. This is very important because many of them depend on the safety of the driver and passengers. Once our specialists make inspection, they will tell you the exact cost of repairs and maintenance, as well as indicate the time within which these procedures are met. Our team consists of professionals with great experience, so we guarantee that provide top-notch services. Availability of the tariff system will allow all our customers of our around the clock service center in advance to familiarize with the prices of various services. Their value can be changed when new circumstances in the course of work are met, and only by arrangement with the client.