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Some people prefer to travel with their favorite pets – cats, dogs, parrots, even monkeys! Some travelers call to our and ask to give them some advices for travelling with animals, because they had some accidents with pets.

First, teach your pet to use pee pads, especially if you do not like to stop 10 times a day during a trip. Such thing like a pee pad can make your life easily! That is a great point, you may ride longer you thought before and you can be sure that your pet knows where to go if you do not want to stop.

Protect and keep safe your pets!

Please, crate you pets! Keep your pet in a special space in a car and do not let them to run out. Take your pet with you when you lock your car and do not leave a pet inside, because the air goes out.

Some travelers has modified their couches for animals and beds with pillows to let animals play.

Special advices:

  • Make a microchip and tag for your animal or attach some information to the collar.
  • Have fun, play with your pet during the stop.
  • Buy some food and spray water. Some pets refuse to drink from their dishes and spray will be helpful.
  • Visit veterinary before the trip and “check” your animal.  
  • Buy all specific food for your pet.
  • Take some favorite things of your pet for the trip. Pets like to play and have fun just like children. Take some toys from home.
  • Never live your pet alone in the car and periodically check it. Ask your neighbors from parking to watch for pet if you leave for some hours.
  • Take the copy of pet’s medical record.
  • If your pet is lost, prepare its color photos.
  • Find some old towels for a case if your pet falls ill or sick.

Now you see that it is not so easy to take a pet for travelling! So be ready for everything!