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Air conditioning repair Seattle

Our qualified technicians can perform an and servicing including all stages - from testing and different kinds of regular maintenance to full and complete air conditioning repair. The most common problem with A/C is a Freon leak and symptoms are non-functional system or the air that just do not get cold enough.

Making a diagnostic by well-trained technicians with modern equipment will bring your car previous cooling capacity. Reliable service and professionals are always a guarantee of successful repair and efficient performance of you A/C system.

If the specialists spend some time checking an air conditioning system in your car, you can be sure they will diagnose a problem and help you to find a cost-effective repair solution. No wonder vehicle A/C repair may include a great amount of various tasks but everything can be easily completed at Tacoma Truck Repair Center by qualified technicians.

It is very important to control the schedule of regular inspections, which will help you to identify any possible refrigerant leaks and stay sure in cooling efficiency. Sometimes some of the workshops can offer you additional services like checking the system fan level, PSI pressure, output temperature and other.

In some situations, to make sure all the components and parts of an air conditioning system are in good condition, technicians also examine compressor and blower fan for proper operation. Except this there can be aging caused potential failures of belts and hoses, and plenty of problems with fuses, condenser, wiring and other.

In case your car’s air conditioner is sealed leaks are still can occur but when it happens you need to bring your vehicle to our shop and we will recharge the A/C system what includes several operations. First, it will be recharged with additional refrigerant what makes the pressure go up to specifications. After this work is done, technicians will introduce the fluorescent dye to visually detect system leaks.