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Air conditioning repair Seattle

If your air conditioning system does not work in the way you want -bring your vehicle to our service station.One of our main differences from our competitors - we come to in a serious way.

Before refueling air conditioning system, we will carefully check its performance and the main nodes in the need for repair. Diagnostic procedure of the air conditioner before refueling is done in order to have confidence that this very filling does no harm  your vehicle.

Our company does quickly, efficiently and with a guarantee.

Car air conditioner is quite a complicated closed tight. Proper use of the air conditioner allows you to extend the term of its operation. Monitor and maintain the air-conditioning system in good condition is cheaper than repair at its failure.

Every car owner knows that the air conditioner is designed to cool the air in the passenger compartment. Modern air conditioning, in addition, performs many other useful features. For example, air conditioning is able to remove odors, reduce the level of humidity in the cabin, hold fumes and dust. That is why the air conditioning is often referred to the climate systems. Some models of the climate system perform additional ventilation of the passenger compartment, are capable of maintaining the desired air.

Our professionals have the necessary knowledge and solid experience, as well as a professional tool for troubleshooting of climate control systems. After the damage was identified, our specialists will be engaged in their elimination. If there was a leak of Freon they will refuel system components.

If your car has air-conditioning, do not forget to follow the rules of its operation. Particular attention should be paid to ensuring that the capacitor is not accumulated with salt and dirt. If there was a leak of Freon, stay in the vehicle becomes unsafe. Timely conducted diagnostics of the air-conditioning will prevent the occurrence of such situations.