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Air conditioning repair Seattle

In case when the air conditioning system breaks down – refrigerant leaks what can fix. This liquid is very harmful not only for the whole environment but also for the engine of your car. It may cause serious damages of your vehicle’s evaporator and compressor, so getting a forehanded air conditioner service at first sign of trouble can surely save your time and money.

Usually the air conditioning system service include the processes that help trained technicians with modern equipment insure your vehicle’s A/C system works efficiently and properly after our service. It might be the inspection of a system for visual signs of any leaks, reclaiming the remaining Freon from system in case of filtering, vacuum testing, and recharging A/C system to recommended manufacturer capacity. It ends with testing the system and adding Freon in case of an additional charge.

There are couple of warnings that should aware you to call us. Among the most common are strange or stale smell of air, the fan that does not run and makes strange noises and warm air blowing from the system. You need to pay attention to your A/C system and have it serviced at least once a year. Problems with insufficient Freon usually damage vehicle’s compressor as much as valve and seals and result it to a very expensive repairs. Technicians must maintain the proper amount of Freon what ensure the refrigerant oil is carried through the whole air conditioning system and lubricates all moving parts and seals.

It is also very important to keep the compressor working because the compressor is primary part of each air conditioning system. The signs of worn compressor are very common and includes oil or Freon leaks, unusual noise and no operation. Any of those problems are the reason you may need to replace the broken parts and call us to get an appointment.