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Brake service Tacoma WA

The brake system of your car is the most important element in ensuring traffic safety. The is better to do in the service station, because the brake system is a very important unit of your car.

To identify the causes of malfunctions of brake system it is desirable to conduct diagnosis. Our experts at the specialized stand check the brake system of your vehicle and provide diagnostic results with detailed explanations, and our masters will determine the list of necessary maintenance work and time required for the repair of the brake system.

Careful attention to details and brake assemblies allow  to operate the car for many years confidently.

It should be paid a lot of attention to the quality of the brake fluid, so our company can check the quality of the brake fluid with a tester and, if necessary, replace the brake fluid by the  special equipment on pumping the brake fluid. In carrying out of the repair of the brake system  the following types of work may be required: replacement of brake pads, brake discs, brake cylinders, brake hoses, handbrake cable, as well as pumping of the brakes. At the station, we will be able to offer you a professional service of brake calipers. It should be noted that the at our service station is carried out using original spare parts, which provides a guarantee and the quality of work.

If there are the first signs that you have worn brake discs, immediately contact the service center! brake discs repair corrects the situation and returns your vehicle to the control.


At "Tacoma Truck Repair Center" at your service is not only experienced professionals but also modern advanced equipment!


Specialists will conduct a thorough inspection of drives to identify defects. If the disc is simply deformed, it can return to its former state. Removal procedure of brake discs is rather laborious and time consuming. This is an inexpensive but very important from the point of view of safety procedures. Therefore, do not expect major problems and should contact the experts. So you will avoid a lot of trouble, saving the life of not only yourselves but also other people.