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Car repair Tacoma

When you come to a repair shop for you might be asked to sign two forms of authorization – to inspect and to begin repair work. These two forms usually go on the same piece of paper but they always should require a separate signature.

Every time you need to sign anything like this you need to read it carefully, ask question if there are few and only after that you can sign it without any worries. The authorization for repair should include the date and time of the moment when you signed the form.

If you really decide to have the work done then you need to make sure that signed work order describes and specifies all the important information. First, the work should be done and the fee is specified for the following work and includes the price for the parts, for the labor, storage and other.

The authorization must include an indication if replacement parts will be rebuilt or new and whether it may be a charge for the list of parts, which may prefer to keep. Also, pay attention to the date when repairs will be completed.

Besides all that, a repair shop need to specify the terms of warranty and its duration if it is provided for the labor and used parts. This documentation also indicates the way the repair will be paid for, means in cash, by credit card, check or through any other form of financing. Moreover, in case the repairs are to be financed you need to see the terms, dates, annual percentage rate, the monthly payment and the amount of these payments.

Usually the authorization also describes the process when all parts which will be replaced or removed from your vehicle will be guaranteed saved by placing them in a plastic bag and left in the trunk of your car. There they will be identified and exchanged for new parts.

You need to understand that you signature down below the authorization approves the commencement or repairing process the method of payment.