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Chassis repair Milton

Every car owner knows that steering and chassis are the main parts of a car’s body so it is quite casual to need a . The chassis is the bottom part of a car’s frame and the “moving part” including the engine, transmission, suspension, driveshaft and differential.

We are the experts on all the parts of the chassis so when it comes to repair we can fix any breakdown from a simple tune-up to a serious repair. Without a professional proper care, your vehicle can cost you plenty so you need to prevent any problems with service and maintenance.

Routine maintenance can help you to avoid different problems with fluid flush, fill and rust. Regular driveshaft inspections in our workshop include the inspections of CV joints, universal joints, axles differential and even more so nothing can hide from us.

When it comes to a repair, we always check your vehicles for leaks, check the power steering column and the belts for proper tension, perform all the necessary repairs. We recommend going through these checking every three months or every 3000 miles. Pay attention to the power steering belts, these parts should be replaced at least every two years or every 24,000 miles.

Sometimes the frame of your car needs a repair but when it comes to diagnostics mechanics can find problems with chassis like age damages and rust. The ends of a main frame are usually the typical place to be damaged by rust. In different cases, our mechanics can repair of chassis but sometimes we need to pull the body and provide a full checking of the entire frame and find any spots that may need repair.

In some situations the vehicle need to be completely disassembled down to be repaired. The bare frame can be chemically stripped what gets off all the rust and grime and makes the surface ready to be welded and repaired. Usually situations like this are not that common but we are ready to provide a repair on high level any time you need it.