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Your truck's electrical system is like its brain, keeping all the other systems working properly and in sync with each other. When something goes wrong with your truck's brain, you need to get it fixed right away so you can get back on the road ASAP. You can count on our  for fast and reliable electrical repair service. We can solve all electrical issues with your truck or trailer, no metter what make or model you drive.

Some of the truck electrical repair and maintenance services we offer include:

  • Alternator replacement;
  • Starter replacement;
  • Battery replacement;
  • Lighting system repairs and upgrades.

The troubleshoot your truck's electrical system, the experts at Tacoma Truck Repair Center use specialized diagnostic equipment to access your truck's data and pinpoint the cause of any electrical problems. Our electrical system service includes:

  • A thorough visual inspection of battery and case condition;
  • Check to ensure your battery can still deliver adequate power, and replace it if necessary;
  • Electrical cable connections are examined and adjusted, if necessary;
  • Engine diagnostics may be necessary to troubleshoot sophisticated systems or complex electrical problems.

Batteries usually last between three and seven years, so it's a smart idea to replace yours every four years as a safety measure. Have your vehicle's electrical system checked immediately if :

  • Your truck won't start - you turn your key and hear clicking, grinding, or no sound at all;
  • Interior or dashboard lights do not illuminate properly;
  • Your truck runs well, but the headlights dim while you're traveling at low speeds, or idling at a stop.