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   Today we would like to touch on a very important topic - ENGINE COOLING. Did you know that modern engines have many components that help your engine stay at optimal operating temperature? Let's find out what those components are and what role they play in your engine bay. Let's find out together!





   Radiators are heat exchangers designed to cool down engines by circulating a liquid called "Engine Coolant". They are constructed of a pair of metal or plastic header tanks, linked by a core with many narrow passageways. The core is usually made of stacked layers of metal sheets, pressed to form channels.





   Water pump is needed to provide coolant flow through the cooling system of the truck. Make sure you inspect the water pump during your pre-trip inspection. Look for leaks or whistling noise. If you here or see any of that stop by the truck repair shop to get it checked out. Typical failure points of the water pump are: bearings, gaskets.





   Cooling fan does a very important job in your truck engine operation - it cools the engine down when needed. You may ask yourself: "How does the fan knows when to engage?". The answer is that modern engines use so called "Fan Clutch". Heavy duty trucks use air or electric operated fan clutches. When the engine temperature is below or at operating temperature properly working fan clutch is disengaged and cooling fan rotates at low speeds. Once the engine starts going above operating temperature fan clutch engages by air valve or electrical signal and fan starts to rotate faster. Some fan clutches also have an ability to move the fan forward or backward when needed to optimize engine cooling.





   Engine thermostat is a very important component of the cooling system. It allows the engine to warm up faster by restricting coolant flow. Once the engine is warmed up the thermostat will open the flow so the engine can stay at optimal operating temperature.





   Engine coolant not only used to cool the engine, it also circulates through many components such as EGR cooler, turbocharger, DEF dosage valve and tank. Engine coolant i also used to to heat the cab and the sleeper. A lot of stuff right? There we need a lot of hoses and tubes. It is also a very good practice to check all the hoses for cracks, leaks and loose clamps at pre-trip inspections.




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