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Preventive Maintenance Services:

- Air Filter Replacement: Your gas or diesel engine needs air, specifically oxygen, to run. Before the air gets to your engine , however, it needs to be cleaned to prevent small debris and dirt from getting inside the engine. That's where the air filter comes to play. When you consider how this simple filter has such an important role to play, it makes replacement air ffilters as needed. When exactly is needed? This depends on how heavy you drive your vehicle and how dusty or debris-ridden the outside air is. Check your manual to see the recommended time frame, or stop by and have us check it out quick to see if you're still good or not.

- Fuel Injection: Your truck's fuel injectors are responsible for spraying a mist of fuel for your engine to burn. Unfortunately, they tend to become dirty over time through normal use. A dirty fuel injection system can cause a loss in vehicle perfomance. Have your system and injectors checked to prevent misfires, poor acceleration, and rough idling.

- Spring Checkup: During a spring checkup, your car is inspected to make sure it's ready for the hot summer months ahead. During this , we'll check your battery, see if you need to swap your winter tires, check your tire pressure, and give other important components an inspection to make sure you're good to go.

- Winterization Checkup: If you've heard the phrase "winterizing your car", it refers to this service. Winter month and freezing temperatures can do a lot of damage on a vehicle. During a winterization checkup, we'll test your battery to determine it's chance of survival in the months ahead, see if you have snow tires installed and check the type of oil you have.