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Quality and quickly repair transmission tacoma wa

Many manufacturers require trucks to fill motor oil into the transmission. However, for automatic transmissions, such a product is not suitable. Therefore, in such devices it uses transmission oil. When choosing a lubricant guided by two criteria: the relative speed of sliding and the maximum permissible load. Depending on the combination of these two components is selected and the transmission oil.

Lubricants differ in the number of additives and viscosity. EP additives are always preferable, because under critical conditions do not allow damage to the metal. Rather, they envelop the surface of the metal thin film layer, which is then output as a wear product. This means that the lubricating fluid gradually corrodes metal, under the same conditions but it is less surface damage than a product without the extreme pressure additives.

The choice of oil for the car, keep in mind that you can not buy a lubricant lower category than the manufacturer-specified design, as it will lead to rapid wear of transmission parts. Liquid higher category also is required. In addition, a gear lubricant is much more expensive.

Opening the service manual of the car, you will find recommendations for the use of the transmission of a certain category of product. Lubricant for must match the weather conditions in which you intend to operate the car. Synthetic Gear supplements have greater fluidity, which can cause a variety of leak, which adversely affect the work of the whole mechanism. But synthetics are less sensitive to temperature, so it is used in conditions like extreme cold and summer heat.