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Seattle transmission repair

The reasons, for which is necessary, may be several, it is mostly mechanical gearbox failure, which consist of switching control on the move, the delayed replacement of filters and oil. Or you can hear knocks in the box, noise, a truck stops involuntary.

Truck transmission  - a complex device, which is composed of clutch, gearbox, differential, cardan transmission, drive shafts. Being in good repair (and subject to use only high-quality motor oil), these components provide smooth and continuous operation of the vehicle.

is a very time-consuming and complicated process, because it is the main mechanism of the device that performs driver's will for speed, power and provides all the comfort of driving. Repair is consists of removing the gearbox, its dismantling, conducting fault detection, replacement of parts and reverse the assembly. Therefore, replacement and repair of gearboxes, repair and replacement of clutch disc, clutch requires professional and demanding approach.

With proper maintenance, management, as well as the right manner of driving clutch is working properly. Clutch Repair or replacement is necessary due to substantial wear or breakage. One reason for the clutch repair is a malfunction in the form of jerks, incomplete or slipping off the clutch, the sound or noise. To address these problems required qualitative clutch repair.

If the clutch turns choppy, replace the clutch disc, as the spring plate lost elasticity or if it occurred spring breakage of oscillation torsional vibrations. Follow by trimming of the working surface of the flywheel and clutch disc or cleared surface of the disc clutch. Next, replace the bearing of the gearbox.

Making clutch repair in case of noise, knock or rattle they replace broken damper of disc clutch (damper - absorber torsional oscillations). Next they replace parts and bearing spline connection, and bearing the front end of leading shaft gearbox. Followed by replacement housing of clutch with weak spring.