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Full Service Automotive and Heavy-Duty Diesel Truck and Trailer Repair Facility
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Seattle truck repair

Construction, trade, logistics services, various types of industrial activity - all these sectors are united in need of transportation. To ensure the smooth operation of the enterprise it requires modern truck diagnosis, and if necessary qualitative .

Tacoma Truck Repair Center provides services for the truck diagnosis and truck repair. from our company - is a possibility to forget about any problems encountered in the operation of your vehicle.All work in our service center is performed on modern equipment, using high-tech tools.

Our workers received specialized training and possess the necessary qualifications;they repair your vehicle and remove any damage as soon as possible. If necessary, we can draw thewhole technical potential of our company to repair your vehicle. It is very important that our technical center has a wide range of spare parts for trucks, which significantly reduces the time to repair trucks and trailers.

Skilled professionals working in our service center, at the highest levels, implement the diagnosis and repair of the steering gear box, motor, pump, suspension, brakes goods vehicle and carry out remedial work on other problems that have arisen in your car.

The specialists of our company provide services not only to repair trucks, but also professionally performed diagnostic activities. Computer diagnostics truck runs on the newest equipment and occupies a minimal amount of time. The performed timely diagnosis of a vehicle helps to avoid many possible problems and to save not only time, but also a significant amount of money, because it optimizes the operation of the basic units of the car, leading to a decrease in the risk of breakage and reducing the costs of the various consumables.

Seattle truck service«Tacoma Truck Repair Center»  - a team of qualified professionals who can work at the highest level, specialized professional equipment, modern technological base and a wide range of spare parts, reasonable pricing policy.