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Semi truck repair Seattle

Any vehicle may go out of order any time; no matter how regular is the maintaining and service. This is the reason why the is in high demand. For those who drive these trucks they can be very temperamental and break down in inappropriate time.

When you rushing on a tight schedule, there is nothing more awful and frustrating than turning the key and finding out it refuses to start. Nevertheless, every time something wrong is going on with your truck, you know – the problem is caused by non-regular service.

There are some useful tips, which are great solutions you need. Sometimes the engine does not start become some cables or wires are disconnected. So first – check everything under the hood is in the right places, also check battery connections and make sure everything is clean.

Sometimes when the battery equipped with a fuse you also need to check that, you need to be sure all the fuses are working. If the cables and fuses are okay then try to check your fuel gauge. It might sound weird but after long hours on the road, even the most experienced drivers can forget to fuel up.

Each modern truck has complicated computerized system and it is full with different sensors. Therefore, those wires and cables can be very influential and it is very important to check if any of them are chaffed or not plugged. This may cause problems with starting the engine.

If the semi-truck is using glow plugs then you can be sure they also may be the problem. Sometimes it can take at least 20 seconds to allow the engine work so you need to be patient ruling them out. These are the most common problems that interfere you from keep running. So before you call a workshop run through this list and make sure the issue is serious. In case you have tried everything and still cannot move, please call us and we will help you in any situation.