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Trailer repair Seattle

Every time someone buys a trailer we already know the problems he will face soon. Alpha fleet service is one of the most reliable services for trailer repair Seattle, so we are quite experienced in this field. The most common are the problems with brakes and controllers of a brake system.

If you drive a brand new trailer, you probably have an insurance and full technical support from manufacturer. But still there is a tiny possibility your vehicle will go out of order during travelling and will be stuck on the road. To help you with any breakdowns we provide high quality trailer repair Seattle any time our clients need, they can always rely on us.

We spend a lot of time creating a list of the most common things that cause damages and “out of order” situations. But this time we would like to discuss brake controller breakdowns and possible issues and reasons it may happen. The main thing about stable and reliable functioning of a brake system is correct installation of controllers, what might be sometimes encountered even by experienced installer.

After repair and installing brake controllers and checking all the wires inside it something can go wrong. The worst when it happens in the middle of a journey. The system shows you an error message, brakes just do not work. This type of problem is very dangerous so always pay attention to any sign of possible breakdown. To prevent more serious subsequences read the following information:

  • if you see on the display that trailer is not connected – there is short on wire of brake signal or corrosion in plug, also it can be caused by malfunctioned brake magnets;
  • if controllers are losing battery connection all the time, you need to check ground wire, the match of the adapter wiring to OEM connector and any visible damages of it;
  • if brakes system is applying to aggressively to any settings, assemblies are nor adjusted correctly or gain/boost is set to high for the trailer size;
  • if brakes work with manual control and do not work with brake pedal, check trailer for the brakes amount, it can be too much for controllers to handle, but also check plug for corrosion and wires for damages;
  • if brake controllers cannot be turned on, check connection to the battery, adapter wiring and power circuit.

Those are the most common problems with brake system and controllers, so you can help yourself when problem is detected. But still remember that there is nothing better for your vehicle than visiting professional mechanics.