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Transmission repair Auburn WA

Trucks are the type of vehicles which needs special care and regular maintaining that includes complete diagnosing and detecting all problems and possible malfunctions. Every year the amount of trucks which are in need of keeps growing.

For some owners and drivers diagnosing these problems is almost impossible task, so we are always there to help and provide the best service truck needs. If you are looking for a place for , you are definitely in the right place, because Tacoma Truck Repair Center can bring you back on the road fast and efficiently with our well equipped mechanics.

To keep your truck and its transmission in perfect condition, try to stay attentive to the following signs of going out of order:

  • Transmission refuses to work, it does not go into gear, happens while driver tries to manually shift gears (mechanical transmission); the problem is apparently in low transmission fluid or is wrong thickness, adjusted shift cables or linkage of clutch;
  • Problem with transmission fluid can be noticed by the unusual burning smell; when the fluid is new it smell a bit sweet, has deep red color, but the fluid is overheated it begins smelling different and losing its appropriate thickness, what is the reason why the parts are not lubricated enough and burn themselves from the inside; the problem can be caused by leaks or pollutions of transmission fluid;
  • Transmission is creating unusual noises when its neutral, what might be caused by lacking or polluted fluid inside transmission system; sometimes the problem is in engine oil or, more serious, mechanical part worn out;
  • Gears are slipping spontaneously, happens with manual shifting when the gear pops out and goes back into neutral; it is very dangerous malfunction, especially while driving on highway with other cars; to help it you need to bring the truck to service and examine it;
  • If you are using a manual transmission, then you are familiar with dragging clutch situation; when this thing happens the clutch refuses to disengage the disc and the flywheel while driver is pushing the clutch pedal to shift gears; in most times the problem can be fixed after examining the clutch pedal.

Usually not every truck driver can fix problems with transmission, but still can detect some symptoms of serious breakdowns. Of course, mechanical malfunctions inside any car are way too different from electrical ones, but they can be interconnected between each other as well.