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Transmission repair auburn wa by professional

Selection of gear oil is necessary to ensure the smooth running of gears of the vehicle. These particular compositions with additives to prevent wear of moving parts, the occurrence of burrs on their surface. The correct choice of transmission lubricant to avoid . When buying, be aware that the transmission oil is not required for all transmissions. For example, front-wheel drive cars such as it are possible to use standard engine oil, which carries out its functions. The fact is that these cars are not toothed gears and cylindrical in shape, so the appearance of scuffing them is unlikely, therefore, can be used and other lubricants.

The vehicle of each manufacturer has its own particular use. It should be even with the purchase of the machine immediately to find out what the liquid to protect it and care can be applied and which should not. First,you must understand that all the oils available on the market, divided into 3 groups:

  • synthetic;
  • mineral;
  • semisynthetic.

Chemical agents are obtained by refining oil prices are low, the viscosity is high. For synthetic use light hydrocarbons, their viscosity is less, andthe cost is higher. Semi-synthetic oils are mixtures of the first two groups, but the exact proportions depend only on the manufacturer, they typically are not disclosed. So what kind of oil to choose?

All depends on the viscosity of the composition and conditions of operation of transport. For example, the synthetic can be used for any technology even in the cold, preheating of the power unit is not needed. Cold start – is not the best solution, so experts advise to stop at the semi-synthetics. When choosing a particular brand should take into account the power of the motor car.

The choice of oil for transmission - a crucial process, since it is on the correct purchase and use a mixture of protection depends on the level of wear, . This should be done carefully, paying attention not only to the type of engine, but also on the conditions under which the vehicle is operated.