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Transmission repair Tacoma WA

Transmission is one of the most complex and costly systems of the truck, which requires timely diagnosis and configuration. That is why transmission also requires timely .

There are very high demands to the truck transmission. Transmission should be simple and at the same time to transmit high torque, has great efficiency. On top of it the transmission must have small dimensions and be very robust, in order to work properly. Well, the most important requirement for the transmission of a vehicle from the drivers - the transmission should work quietly.

To troubleshoot problems with the transmission timely, pay attention to some signals that can deliver your truck during the operation:

  • leakage of liquid;
  • gnashing during gear changes;
  • when driving the car moves from a place jerky;
  • jamming, settling of the clutch pedal;
  • noise of the coupling element during movement;
  • noise in the box at a neutral position;
  • fault-wheel drive (no incorporation, the glow of emergency lights in the dashboard);
  • increased clearance in the drive shafts (clank, rattle).

If you have noticed at least one of the above problems, not to delay the visit to the master on diagnostics and to avoid more costly repairs in the future.

Chassis and transmission - a combination of nodes of the vehicle more susceptible to wear and tear after the engine.

The most important part is to determine the maintenance of the status of transmission  nodes and running gear - some degree of wear is depended on the mileage and operating conditions. For example, after the winter you should definitely stop by the service station to check the condition of the vehicle, to make the necessary repair of chassis, lubrication and adjustment of nodes and units of the vehicle and get ready for the summer season.

The skilled staff of the company  «Tacoma Truck Repair Center»  provides a professional repair and diagnostic of automatic transmission, manual transmission, all-wheel drive. Modern equipment and the constant availability of original spare parts for repair of transmissions, allow to carry out the necessary work in the shortest time and at the lowest cost.