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Transmission Tacoma WA

It is very seldom that sometimes you need to repair broken that run out of order. No matter manual or automatic you drive, keeping your car’s transmission running smoothly is the key to long-term functioning of the whole automobile.

Ofcourse, automatic transmission needs to be regularly serviced to ensure you in maximum performance, what helps you to save your money and prolongate service life. Manual transmission also needs care and regular service but it includes much less complicated and complex tasks that are inherent for the automatic one.

The most popular tasks in process of servicing the automatic transmission are such as replacing transmission fluids and making minor adjustments. Nevertheless, in case of repairing it usually includes a huge amount of processes that might be successfully completed only with the help of well-qualified specialists.

A huge amount of RVs and motor homes are equipped with manual transmission. This is the reason why we prefer to describe the whole process how the system of the clutch and manual transmission works. The clutch helps to smoothly engage the engine, which spins all the time, to a non-spinning transmission, what became possible in way of controlling that slippage between mechanisms. Therefore, the clutch functions through the friction between clutch plate and flywheel.

Automatic transmission has three differences from the manual one. First, there is no clutch pedal that driver needs to use while shifting gears. There is also no gear stick, so once the driver puts the transmission into drive, while everything else works automatically. The main difference is that manual transmission can lock and unlock different sets of gear, what allows output shaft to achieve various gear ratios. But with automatic transmission the same set of gear always produces all of the gear ratios.