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Truck repair Auburn WA

Tacoma Truck Repair Center is in business of for quite a long time, so our mechanics are experienced enough to fix any type of problems and breakdowns truck can have. Taking care of engines and systems inside your vehicle is our job but the safety on the road is priority.

The government knows how important it is to keep all moving vehicles in best condition to prevent awful crashes, accidents and terrible situations on the road, so every car or truck should go through special inspections regularly. Most of our clients are trickily trying to get an appointment for complete right before this checking.

The worst in situations like these is not that tricky way of servicing but the attitude of truck owners, disregarding the schedules of maintenance and safety rules. The matter of fact, preventive maintenance can also save your money. Every transportation company knows how important this kind of truck care is, it helps to prevent unexpected breakdowns and keep vehicles in good running condition.

Anyway, it is hard to measure the meaning of scheduled servicing in aspect of safety and absence of downtimes. Having your truck maintained is the guarantee of successful business, trucks’ efficiency and complete safety. Sometimes such valuable investment in vehicle maintenance may seem costly but it cannot be compared to unnecessary costs of repairs and extra parts to be changed.

With regular service you are free from delays and losing your clients, it also measures as a form of drivers’ safety programs by keeping them save from lack of maintenance and exposing to unsafe driving loaded fleet. Our experts can suggest you couple measures to make a complex of preventive steps you need:

  • Create a schedule of maintenance processes of truck with your mechanic or manager of Fleet Service. It will help you to ensure your vehicle is in appropriate condition. It can be vary by years, months or even weeks.
  • Your mechanic will help you to identify “weak places” where maintenance is needed at the moment. Driver also can notice weird sounds or smell from the engine, which will help to detect breakdowns and possible problems.
  • Try to implement your company’s road safety program. It should address your own unique needs of trucking operations.

Always make sure you have fleet maintenance recorded and the regular inspections conducted. Pay attention to your trucks’ condition and safety of operators.