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Since an automobile was made, frustrating amount of problems come out every day. The most awful is when it happens right in the morning, when you are starting the engine and it does not work! Tacoma Truck Repair Center faces this malfunction kind almost all the time and provide reliable .

Sure, you can try couple times, again and again to make your vehicle come back to life, but unfortunately it will not. Of course, it is very annoying problem and usually truck owners do not understand how a brand new starter does not start over. Sometimes it is really caused by damages inside the engine, what can be fixed during at Tacoma Truck Repair Center.

We wish it never happens with you but you need to be prepared for elementary “first aid”. Following advices will help you with troubleshooting starters and diagnosing the type of breakdown. If the starter does not turns on the engine, you need to make a complete check of the voltage in electrical system. Also pay attention to battery and battery wires and cables. Then make sure the neutral safety switch is turned on and works. If the starter is completely new, make sure it was designed to work exactly on your make of truck.

In situation when the starter does not engage at all or disengaging properly you probably need to use knowledge of the vehicle and starter construction and remove or install special starter shims between the block and engine. But we understand that the process needs a little bit more experience and always recommend getting an appointment at truck service for repair.

If your starter has been just installed and already fails, make sure you purchased the correct model for your truck, because inappropriate starter cannot take compression ratio of engine and goes out of order soon after installing. Next you need to check the position of starter inside the engine. If it is situated incorrectly, it will continuously soak heat and breakdown very soon. To prevent this you need to change starter for the correct one or install a heat shield. Also you need to check any visible damages and excessive oil or paint on the mounting block of your starter. It can cause overheating and started will wear out soon.

To prevent serious and unexpected problems you always need to take care about your vehicle. But honestly, even the most responsible owner can be a victim of this kind of truck malfunctioning, so you need to have reliable mechanic who can help you anytime you need. And if you are located in Tacoma Seattle, welcome to Tacoma Truck Repair Center!