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Full Service Automotive and Heavy-Duty Diesel Truck and Trailer Repair Facility
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Truck repair Seattle

Trucks have becomea need for any kind of business long time ago.Trucks are considered relatively complex technical system, so qualitative is very important in the maintenance of any truck.

Our truck service provides a full range of services for diagnosis, repair and maintenance of trucks. We also provide repair of trucks, trailers, repair of special equipment. Our truck service  is equipped with everything necessary for a qualitative repair  of truck equipment, including crane girders, lathes, etc.

In our service center for truck repair  our company can make a full scheduled inspection of trucks and any special equipment. Technical inspection includes a complete diagnosis of all systems of the car, check the state of engines, bodywork, etc .; change of the oil and special liquids. By inspection of the results, if necessary, our company makes .

Our advantages over other companies is a great experience: a formed team of professionals, a flexible approach to customers' needs, as well as excellent value for money and quality of services - trailers and semi-trailers repair, repair and maintenance of vehicles.

Since its inception, we have gained some achievements, which are successfully used for the benefit of our customers.

«Tacoma Truck Repair Center» is always open for business partnership and the establishment of mutually beneficial long-term relationships. A growing number of customers shows that we are doing the right steps and deserve their trust.

In the opinion of customers, the reason why they appeal to us is responsible for the implementation of  our obligations, strict respect for the customer and reasonable prices for the repair of trailers and semi-trailers, trucks repairs and maintenance.

Together with our experts you will find optimum expression of any your ideas. Our specialists are always ready to provide advice and help you in the implementation of the most appropriate choice.

Our truck service station will always come to help you.