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Welding Tacoma

Every process that is supposed to be one with truck body construction is very responsible and important. But if we are talking about welding – it is the job, which requires huge experience and wide knowledge of every single step you are making, so if you need , call us!

Each man knows that this type needs couple stages to be done before start. When is doing by our mechanics it includes – cutting and removing all damaged components, preparation the surface for welding, then welding it and cleaning up. In this article we will discuss these stages and will guide you through the right process of welding the truck.

Removing damaged areas and parts can be done with cutting or arc gouging, the best ways are to use oxy-fuel and plasma. These types of cutting are the best o cut metal, but if you need something for gouging defect or cracks than use carbon arc gouging method. All know that oxy-fuel torch is wide spread as a tool for cutting and every vehicle service is using it in everyday work. To cut aluminum and stainless steel mechanics use plasma cutter, it is good to cut electrically-conductive type of metals.

To begin the process of welding we always need to cut away damages and clean rough edges before replacing the part. Extremely important is to take care about all visible and invisible cracks on the surface because even the smallest remnant of previous crack will continue damaging metal even after welding, even if it is laid over crack.

After that professionals choose the correct replacement or filling material, it always should be the same or, at least, meet the strength of each other. To make it possible every welding specialist knows each application of different materials and its’ mechanical properties such as:

  • Tensile strength,
  • Required strength,
  • Ductility,
  • Wear resistance,
  • Impact strength.

When the material is picked and situated right in the place of welding, the whole area o future welding job might need to be preheated. It helps to remove all hydrogen and gases, also reduces the hardness and minimizes any possibility of stresses. After all these stages are over, we weld.

Every truck owner knows that downtime of any equipment is never good; it costs a lot money and nerves. This is why Tacoma Truck Repair Center has all necessary service equipment to provide the support you need. We are one of the best places for troubleshooting and complete repairs of your vehicles any time you need!